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  • 神龍防腐保溫工程集團有限公司

    Shenlong Anti-Corrosion Insulation Engineering Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1984. It is located in Chibi City, China old battlefield, state tourist civilized city and new industrial city. There is convenient transportation condition, with Jing-Guang Railway, Wu-Guang Railway, G107 and Jing-Gang-Ao Highway across.

    Shenlong Group was established in May, 2014 by Shenlong Anti-Corrosion Insulation Engineering Group Co., Ltd. by join of Hubei Shenlong Anti-Corrosion Insulation Rock Wool Material Co., Ltd., 


        81 Nangang Road, Chibi City, Hubei, China
      +86-715-5299099           +86-715-5299098