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Unique research tools at your fingertips. Get direct file and arrest data as well as data-driven insight into each judge and witness in your cases.

What judge you have matters. What attorney you have matters even more. Our unique grading algorithm has analyzed hundreds of thousands of court cases start to finish and identified the attorneys who get the best results for each judge and each case type. Attorneys who earn the "A-Rated" designation are the best of the best. Find out which attorneys get the best results for their clients in front of your judge.

Finding a great attorney for your case should be easy. LegalOptics pulls case details directly from public records and uses real court data to make its determination. This means the ratings you see are based on real-life cases.

We've analyzed the details of hundreds of thousands of court cases from start to finish. Use our system to find out if hiring a private attorney gives you an edge in your case, as well as how judges rule and how cases resolve in order to determine what choices you can make to get the best results.