Revamping the Florida Statutes

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Compared to other states, Florida is very good about putting its laws and regulations online. Online Sunshine is a good free resource for finding the Florida Statutes and Constitution. That being said, I really think there's room for improvement. With more and more state materials coming online, it's easier than ever to build out a reference system that collates or links to other state resources, such as the legislature where the Florida Statutes get made.

I've mocked up what some of what I would like to see in a new and improved version of an online version of the Florida Statutes. Using one statute (part of the "stand your ground statutes that are in the news constantly these days") I've added prior versions, as well as links to the legislation enacting each version. This is a rough mock-up, but hopefully it's in an easy-to-navigate format. There are other things that could and should be added, such as letting phrases be links to the FL Supreme Court cases citing them, or a list of notable cases interpreting the statute. If you have any thoughts please reach out via our contact page.

I've created a github repo here if you want to clone this page and make changes locally.

Here goes:

Sec. 776.031, Fla. Stat: Use or threatened use of force in defense of property

2014-Current Version