Florida Data from Stanford's Open Policing Project

The Stanford Open Policing Project has put their traffic stop data online from 31 states, covering 2010-2016. You can download the data for each state here. I've made this page as a very simple visualization tool for the data from each Florida county.

Methodology: I put the Stanford data for Florida into a MySQL database and wrote some very simple sql queries to extract it and do some basic math on the data. Python 3 handles all of that in the background, using the sqlalchemy and pandas modules. Pretty basic stuff. The graphs use Google open charting library which is written in JavaScript.

Select a county and hit go:

Notes: The Searches After Stop graph doesn't distinguish between consensual and non-consensual searches, type of search (like inventory searches), or whether contraband was found as a result of the search. Yes, I know it's throwing a js error on load. Also I'm not hosting the db file for download because it's around 5 million rows. If you want to see other kinds of analysis, have quesitons, or would like to chat in general please email me.