Our Attorney Grading System:

Hiring the right attorney for your case used to be a challenge. Our system has analyzed hundreds of thousands criminal cases like yours including information about who the attorney was, what they did in the case, and what result they got for their client.

Results matter. How attorneys get results also matters. Our system assigns each case a grade based on the following criteria, so that people looking for an attorney can get a clear picture of not only an attorney's results in court, but how each attorney works on their cases.

Our system identifies the attorney on each case, and then assigns each case a grade, based on a scale of 5 (worst) to 10 (best). The system averages those scores and compares each attorney's average score to the average of all private attorneys for each judge. Grades are assigned based on how much higher or lower each attorney's scores are compared to the average of all private attorneys. Grade 'A' attorneys scored at least 10% or higher than the average private attorney score for that judge.

Score Attorney Actions Case Outcome
10 Motion to Dismiss or Suppress Case Dismissed or Not Guilty Verdict
9 No Motions Filed Case Dismissed or Not Guilty Verdict
8 Motion to Dismiss or Suppress Original Charge Reduced to Lesser Charge
7 No Motions Filed Original Charge Reduced to Lesser Charge
7 Motion to Dismiss or Suppress Adjudication Withheld
6 No Motions Filed Adjudication Withheld
5 No Motions Filed Convicted as Charged

We also compare the results of A-Rated attorneys with the results of other attorneys. The results show that A-Rated attorneys consistently get the best results for their clients.

The primary way this site generates revenue is through attorney advertising. The A-Rated attorneys who appear at the top of each judge's page have paid a flat monthly rate for that placement on the site, not for their grade. Our algorithm has certified them to be A-Rated attorneys, otherwise they would not be allowed to advertise on our site. Their placement on our site does not mean they are better than other A-Rated attorneys.

Every legal case is different. The grading algorithm is based on past results and is not a guarantee of success in your case.